Health is inseparable from human life and is one of its fundamental values. However, health is not something permanent, given once and for all, it is rather a process of struggling with the threats that threaten it, having its source both in the biological phenomena of the organism and in the surrounding environment of life. Not without significance is the globalization process that affects every area of life, carrying on the one hand opportunities and, on the other, threats to the functioning of the modern world, also in the sphere of health security. Therefore, aspects concerning health issues in the individual, social and economic dimension acquire new meaning. Cause the individual's health translates into the health of the society. In turn, its level depends, inter alia, on economic development and the well-being of the state.

       It is impossible to deny that human life and health, as values inseparably connected with each other, need special protection. This requires taking actions aimed at maintaining health as well as solving problems related to illness, invalidity and disability. Therefore, protection of human life and health is comes to securing its rights in legislation, which among others includes the need to create a legal basis guaranteeing everyone access to health services and the safety of providing these benefits.

       Attempts to solve health complexities from the point of view of only one science will not bring positive results. Therefore, it is necessary to include representatives of all scientific disciplines (among others medics, biologists, pharmacologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, lawyers, as well as representatives of public administration) in research on broadly understood health protection. Meets these expectations Warsaw College of Health and Engineering by organizing the conference "Interdisciplinary dimension of health", which will help consolidate the environment of people dealing with these issues as part of their research or professional activity.

The aim of the conference


The aim of the conference  is therefore to create an open and creative discussion combined with the presentation of the results of research and scientific achievements and knowledge, observations and experiences presented by representatives of various scientific disciplines in the context of mutual interdependencies related to care for human health.

The main areas of the conference mainly concern the following issues:
  1. Health - theory and medical practice
  2. Social dimension of health
  3. Legal protection of human health
  4. Service and product management in the area of health
  5. Threats to public health - yesterday and today
       It is obvious that the indicated issues concretize, but do not exhaust the subject of the conference, which is also a place conducive to establishing scientific cooperation in the interdisciplinary sphere aimed at maintaining and improving health as a universal value.

We invite you to participate in the conference!


Scientific Council

Monika Sadowska, MD, prof. WSIiZ
WSIiZ in Warsaw
Chairwoman of the Scientific Council

Agata Wolska, MD
WSIiZ in Warsaw
Member of the Scientific Council

Joanna Klonowska, Ph.D.
WSIiZ in Warsaw
Member of the Scientific Council

Sebastian Grzyb, D.Sc.
WSIiZ in Warsaw
Member of the Scientific Council

Mirosław Karpiuk, Ph.D., prof.
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
Member of the Scientific Council

Wojciech Lis, Ph.D., prof.
Catholic University of Lublin
Member of the Scientific Council

Registration at the conference I Abstract submission


Applications for participation in the conference should be sent via electronic form available on the website by clicking on Register now (see top of page)


Accepting notifications in the form of speaker/author of the article was finished​
Abstract of experimental work: please specify the parts and give them subheadings, written in bold type: specify the purpose of the work, methodology, present the results and conclusions. Keywords in Polish and English (3-5 keywords). The volume of the summary should not exceed the A4 page.

Abstract of the review work: there is no need to specify subheadings. The abstract should specify why the given issues deserve a presentation and what are the new achievements in the cognitive or functional aspect in the field of the subject. Keywords in Polish and English (3-5 keywords). The volume of the summary should not exceed yhe A4 page.

Summary - technical requirements

Accepting notifications in the form of speaker/author of the article was finished​

The abstract of the speech can be prepared in Polish, English or Russian, taking into account the following guidelines:

- Times New Roman font, font size: 12,
- single spacing between lines of text,
- the title should be centered and written in bold,
- under the title, please indicate the name and surname of the author and the e-mail address,
- the full names of tha establishments should be indicated under the author's data.


Accepting notifications in the form of speaker/author of the article was finished​

Please send the abstract in the form of a .doc and pdf file to the address: nauka@wsiiz.p

Organizational information - timetable
Accepting notifications in the form of speaker/author of the article was finished​

Friday, January 31, 2020

The deadline for submitting applications expires on

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The deadline for the acceptance of applications

Friday, February 28, 2020

Deadline for the presentation of the conference program

Saturday, February 29, 2020

The deadline for sending text for publication


Conference language: Polish, English and Russian. 


The time of speech in an oral session: 15 min.


The papers presented during the conference, after obtaining a positive review, will be published in a collective monograph.

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